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There is a place where my family travels every weekend in the summer. I have gone there ever since I can remember. I have pictures of my family and me up there from before I was one year old. This is a place I call my "camp". My grandparents moved up there a few years ago and now live there all year round. It is a very family-oriented place, and all of my Dad's close family has houses up around there. All the houses are so close that many generations of cousins have all grown up together. My camp is on Lake Winnepesaukee, in New Hampshire.There are many imposing mansions on Lake Winnepesaukee. Some are owned be people such as Britney Spears, Steve Leach of the Bruins, and the owners of the Marriott and Demoulas corporations, who are neighbors. Many others have houses up there and it is making it a very loud lake. It seems like in order to show off how much money you have, you've got to buy a bigger boat than your neighbor and add more additions onto your house. Most people who live on the lake now were not there when the land of my camp was bought. When my camp was constructed in 1930 by my great grandfather, it was a sleeping cabin to the main house, on our cousin's land, built in 1907. More recently, the sleeping cabin was moved back and a bigger house was built in its place. We have one of the best views on the entire lake! It is a perfect view of the northern and southern mountains. Not many big loud boats come in the area of my camp because it is on a narrow passageway between an island and the main land called the Barber's Pole.All summer long I swim, go boating and go fishing. One time I swam almost a mile with my cousins. We swam from one island where their camp is to another island that only has room for one little house! My dad is always water-skiing. It's a lot of fun to watch what he will do next when he's up on his slalom ski! My brother usually has a busy summer working but anytime he's not, he comes up with us. My brother and I, or anyone else who is up with me, sleep in a tent that is on a platform that my grandfather built with my dad. It is just a bit below the sleeping cabin that was moved back. We call that cabin "The Ark". My parents have a bed in there along with a small closet. My dad and Grandfather built the little addition of the closet and an outside shed to the back of The Ark a few years ago.Each time I go up to my camp I feel as if I have seen it all before, but when I get to bring my friends up, I remember why its so special to me. Each night I look up at the...

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1219 words - 5 pages , special education is simple. A child thought by his or her parents and teachers to have learning problems are identified and special education is provided. Twenty-three states have funding formulas that reward school districts with more tax dollars if they place more students in special education programs. Two decades ago, when most disabled kids received little or no education, "weighted" programs made sense. The financial incentives prompted

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663 words - 3 pages always be needed. Children without disabilities may have trouble in one particular area and need extra assistance, outside of the regular education classroom. I feel that the special education department in a school system is definitely the most heart warming and rewarding place to be. People often say that it takes a special person to teach special education, when really, all it takes is an educated person to be special to a child.

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1171 words - 5 pages . These rooms are set up where there is the least amount of distractions possible. Within these classrooms, it is important to have a schedule visible for each student, and having a designated place to put their book bag. This allows the students to feel in control and for class to run more smoothly. Helping special education students can be extremely rewarding. It can also be rather stressful—emotionally demanding and physically draining. Most

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891 words - 4 pages time. Cyberbullying is bullying which occurs on an electronic device. Cyberbullying allows kids to be communicated with and bullied at all times of the day (“What Is”). There are laws which disallow bullying in person and cyberbullying. I relate to this subject because I have gone through the special education program and have and IEP and 502 in place. I was in a school for learning disorders for the last two years of high school, and I have

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1613 words - 6 pages programs when in fact; they do not have a learning disability. This has become a growing problem in this country because it is seen as the easy way out. Schools all over the U.S. are doing this in order to not have to properly test and evaluate students for learning problems. There have been numerous studies done on this topic, from assessing migrant students for special education programs to trying to understand why many language minority

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