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We had crowns of weeping willow blowing in the wind behind us as we ran across the rocks, careful not to step into the water below. My sister and I only had on school clothes, but as soon as we crowned ourselves royalty, those clothes might as well have been glittering gowns of gold. We each believed we were princesses, and this was our grand palace on the water. There was a tunnel where this narrow path of water started, we knew not to go near this tunnel. The cold drafts and echoes from the street cars above was enough to keep our curiosity to a minimum. For hours and hours we would escape, then, when the first tip of the sun began to disappear, we knew it was time to leave our palace-until tomorrow. This ritual continued until early fall turned into late fall, the waters became colder, and the days became shorter. I sit here now and still feel that cold, wet moss on my feet, I can distinctly remember the smell of the willow that would be soiled on our hands from twisting its vines into our tiaras. However perfect it sounds, like any other reign depicted in our history books, my kingdom, too, would soon fall.

Nikky Finney, an environmentally conscious and well respected author, shares the opinion with me that it is important for everyone to experience this type of harmony with nature. In her introduction to her book, Rice, Finney analyzes the world's past and compares it to the world's present, noticing that "this beautiful country is being turned into one half golf course and one half toxic dump," minimizing the opportunity for people to enjoy "its incredible natural beauty" (Finney intro). This environment being destroyed is not only crucial to the wildlife that depends on it, but also vital to humans' physical and mental health. Therefore, within our communities and housing facilities, land needs to be allotted for the purpose of preservation and recreation.

Today's industrialization is the most apparent threat to our wildlife inhabitants. When referring to "the wild," not necessarily does is it imply acres upon acres of rolling hills crawling with sounds and footsteps of animals. The wilderness can be as small a space as your backyard, or even a patch of grass in the middle of downtown's square. Michael Frome, a member of The Wilderness Society, defines wilderness as a place "where a man's sounds, chemicals, and other byproducts of civilized life are not dominant" (Frome 12). This ability to alter the landscape in which we live, explains biologist Andrew Dobson, is one ecological feature that distinguishes us from all other species (Dobson 40). By setting. aside land plots within our communities, we allow these organisms the opportunity to remain in their natural environment without the potential threat of relocation. Not only relocation, but extinction is a possible and very valid threat. According to recent statistics, three to eight organisms are documented as extinct every hour, some never given scientific names (Miller). Without...

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