Chaucer's Parody To Courtly Love Essay

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Chaucer's Parody To Courtly Love

After the Knight tells his story, the Miller insists very rudely to
tell his tale. Chaucer uses the aspect of courtly love which is found
in the Knights tale and makes a parody of it; He uses the Miller?s
character to mock the Knights idea of courtly love.

Miller describes the heroine of his story Alison, as a wife of an
older man and also an infidel. She?s compared to a ?wezele? sly and
cunning. The description of Alison clearly indicates that she is very
different from an innocent girl from courtly love stories instead
she?s well aware of her husbands jealousy and wears elaborate cloths
to show off her beauty.

?Of col-blak silk, withinne and eek withoute?

Alison shows off that she?s rich by wearing the most expensive fabric
of silk at the time, again this adds to the opposite side of courtly
love romances in which the girl would not show off but in fact stay
unaware of such matters as the character of Emily in the Knights tale.

Miller then uses two male Characters who show great admiration for
Alison but unlike the love of the two young Knights in the Knight?s
tale these two characters, Nicholas and Absolon want quick resolutions
to their sexual desires and lust. Miller firstly describes Nicholas as
a young scholar who stays as a paying guest with the carpenter,

?And al above ther lay a gay sautrie,?he mad a-nightes melodie?

Nicholas is described to have a decorated room, he is a lively man and
depends on his friends as he cant afford to pay all of his rent.
Chaucer continuously...

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