Compare The Relationships Between Mr And Miss Bingley, Mr And Miss Darcy And Any Two Of The Bennett Sisters

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Compare the relationships between Mr and Miss Bingley, Mr and Miss
Darcy and any two of the Bennett sisters, exploring the use Austen
makes of sibling relationships in the novel.

The core theme in Pride and Prejudice is the relationships between
[MSOffice1] siblings. Austen had a large family and many siblings with
whom she was close but with her sister Cassandra, was she especially
so. These reflect the sibling relationships that, in my opinion, are
central to the novel. Each character has more than one sibling
relationship, whether related through blood, through growing up
together or in the sense of a close friendship. For example, Darcy has
more than one sibling relationship, as he is related to Georgiana, he
grew up with Wickham and is extremely close to Bingley. All these
relationships could be seen as being between siblings even though they
are not all related through blood, as Wickham and Darcy have grown up
as brothers due to their situation. With the development of character
comes the development of each relationship.

As the two eldest of the Bennet sisters, Lizzy and Jane are the
closest of all the siblings. Although both different in character,
they are superior figures in their family and regarded by their father
as more level-headed than the other three girls. Being sisters and so
close in age, means they share many things with each other, namely
thoughts, emotions and feelings. For instance after their first
meeting with the Netherfield party Jane speaks of her admiration for
Bingley, “…sensible, good humoured, lively…” and Elizabeth bestows her
good opinion of him, “He is also handsome…certainly is very
agreeable…” I believe this is a direct representation of Austen’s
close and loving relationship with her sister Cassandra. Being the
only two girls out of the eight children and only two years apart in
age, they were particularly close and wrote many letters when away
from each other, much like Jane and Lizzy’s correspondence.1
[MSOffice2] They have a warm, loving relationship and a great deal of
support for each other, neither of which attributes are seen in the
contrasting relationship of Bingley and Caroline.

Lizzy is headstrong, quick to judge, readily states her opinion as
with Lady Catherine De Bourgh, and is unaffected by Darcy’s comments,
to which other women may have taken offence, particularly, “She is
tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me”

She is warm-hearted and caring and has become a much-loved character
by both readers and critics alike. Elizabeth Jenkins, biographer,
claims that “Elizabeth Bennett has perhaps received more admiration
than any other heroine in English literature” because of this.2

Jane and Lizzy are very close to each other and this intimate
relationship is lacking within the other three girls. Kitty and Lydia
are close in that they stay with each other and share the same views
and interests, for example the officers and regiment. Lydia...

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