Csikszentmihalyi And Russell Flow In The Workplace

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In the opening book of the Bible Adam is punished for his disobedience by having to toil and work for a living. Since the early ages of humankind, work has always existed. Whether it is the work of the hunter-gatherers to go out and provide food to today's cubicle workers work has always been regarded as both a burden and a relief. Some feel that it burdens them with stress and takes time away from leisure. Some love their jobs and enjoy every minute of them. Mihayli Csikszentmihalyi and Bertrand Russell both believe that work is good and can be beneficial and enjoyable. Csikszentmihalyi applies his theory of flow to work and argues that flow can be found in the workplace and that workers should be challenged. Russell argues that work is good if it is enjoyable and it takes away boredom and challenges a person or requires the use of specific skills. Russell writes that "There are in work all grades from mere relief of tedium up to the profoundest delights, according to the nature of the work and the abilities of the worker" (Russell 293). Through interviews with Michelle Mamich, Michelle Gruelich and Taylor McDonald, I propose that jobs should be more flow conductive, prevent boredom, and utilize different skills and challenges. Finally, I have asked them what they would change about their jobs and how they think, they can be improved to meet those requirements.

Michelle Mamich is a lifeguard instructor at Tomahawk Lake Waterpark in New Jersey. She is also responsible for Aquatic Operations and oversees the day-to-day operations of the waterpark. She teaches lifeguards and runs in-services and audits during the summer. Michelle Gruelich is a Supervisor/Lead in a retail store, 'Tides', for Palace Entertainment's Mountain Creek Waterpark. She oversees small details such as stocking the store before and after hours, taking care of customers who have difficulties, working the register, closing the store and counting the money for the end of day profit. As a lead, she is responsible for either opening or closing the store and the register. Her job is to also look over employees and a second store, 'The General Store', on the other end of the Waterpark. Taylor McDonald is an Assistant Director of Recreational Services/Aquatics Coordinator at Mount Saint Mary's University. She oversees the daily activities at a 50-meter indoor pool housed by the Knott Athletic Recreation Convocation Center (ARCC) at Mount St. Mary's University. She is in charge of coordinating major programs for the college's students, and personnel as well as facility members from surrounding communities. Such programs include Red Cross "Learn-to-Swim" and Water Exercise (Aqua Aerobics and Arthritis Aquatics). Her program responsibilities include: registration management, scheduling, promotions, and assessment. She develops and maintains records and reports, hire, train, and supervises student employees. She also assists the Recreation Director with facility management,...

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