Does Skinny Equal Beautiful? Essay

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Does Skinny Equal Beautiful?

What constitutes a woman as beautiful? Is it a genial personality? That might have been an appealing trait in the years past, but these days a woman must be unsightly skinny to be considered beautiful. In years past, a woman with a little meat on their bones was considered attractive. This has caused the female race a great deal of distress. Every female has a desire to be seen as attractive. She wants to be received well by society. Women are being driven to take drastic measures for approval. Females will do anything to be skinny so that they are socially accepted as beautiful, even if that means putting their health in jeopardy.

There are many determinants for this conviction in society. However, the major cause for this conviction is the media. Rarely does society see a female celebrity that is not skinny. If a female has any fat on her bones, she is not attractive and cannot be considered beautiful. All of the top most beautiful women in the media are extremely skinny. Not once will the public see an overweight woman on a top most beautiful women list. Actresses often accredit not getting a role in a film to not being skinny enough. They will then take drastic measures to lose weight. To make matters worse, all too often that actress is already too skinny and yet she still strives to lose more weight. Women are striving for an unattainable body figure that is portrayed by the media as being the ideal standard for today's women. This even shows up in the magazines women read. It has been a proven fact that women often feel depressed after looking at the pictures of models in the magazines they read. These models are portrayed as if they are the cultural norm. If women do not see their body figure in the media, they are bound to feel fat and depressed. That depression leads to the numerous eating disorders that plague so many of today's women.

Anorexia is one of the most prominent eating disorders in modern day society. Anorexia is basically another word for starvation. Women either eat very little or even nothing at all to lose weight. A person with anorexia is terrified of becoming fat. She feels fat even when she is under weight. The menstrual cycle also ceases to exist and a woman often becomes very irritable. It becomes difficult to cope with change, new situations, and growing up and attaining mature responsibilities. Females often become dependant on their parents or significant others. They often experience insomnia and a diminished interest in sex as well. Anorexia is very dangerous. People who are suffering from anorexia never feel skinny enough and they continue to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. They experience palpitations, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, poor concentration, chest pain, and coldness of extremities. Anorexia frequently leads to hospitalization.

Bulimia is another prominent eating disorder in modern day society. Bulimia...

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