Emily Dickinson: Life And Literature Essay

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The life led by Emily Dickinson was one secluded from the outside world, but full of color and light within. During her time she was not well known, but as time progressed after her death more and more people took her works into consideration and many of them were published. Dickinson’s life was interesting in its self, but the life her poems held, changed American Literature. Emily Dickinson led a unique life that emotionally attached her to her writing and the people who would read them long after she died.
Emily Dickinson was born December 10th, 1830 in her family home on main street in Amherst, Massachusetts to her two parents Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson. The homestead in which she was born was a family home owned by her grandparents who, soon after her sister’s birth in 1833, sold it out of the family. The Dickinson’s held residence in the home as tenants for the next seven years. Once her father’s political career took off, around the age she was nine, they moved to, and bought a new house in the same town. Dickinson was very close to her siblings, her older brother Austin and younger sister Lavinia. She had a strong attachment to her home and spent a lot of her time doing domestic duties such as baking and gardening. Dickinson also had good schooling experiences of a girl in the early nineteenth century. She started out her education in an Amherst district school, then from there she attended Amherst Academy with her sister for about seven years. At this school it is said that she was an extraordinary student with very unique writing talent. From there she attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for a year in 1847. this year was the longest she had spent away from home. In her youth, Dickinson displayed a social side to herself that later retreated when she become older.
She had many female friends, and though she never married, she had many significant friendships with males. some of the men that she actively conversed with were, Benjamin Newton, Henry Vaughn Emmons, and George Gould. It is thought that Dickinson may have been engaged to Gould in the 1850’s. Some drafted letters written to “Master” by Dickinson have been found and they describe a passionate but changing relationship between her and the recipient. It is not known who these letters were supposed to be sent to. Later in Dickinson’s life, it seems that she had a romantic relationship with Judge Otis Phillips, who was a close friend of Edward Dickinson, Emily’s father. Lord and his wife Elizabeth visited the Dickinson’s household often, and it wasn’t until his wife’s death did Lord pursue a relationship with Dickinson. There are few corresponding letters that show that Dickinson and Lord had a close relationship, but, there are hints of the two wanting to get married and move in together which was soon ended when Lord died in 1884. Without Dickinson’s different relationship experiences she may not have written as well and uniquely as she did.
Emily Dickinson had...

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