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Montaigne, Descartes, and Pascal all believe in a superlative truth unforeseeable through the commonly held truth of society. Montaigne states that even contradictions are not contradictions in truth (Montaigne, p.75). Not believing in the possibility of this lack contradiction in truth would be considered scepticism - scepticism being the reluctance to believe anything for any reason. This same scepticism is explained by Descartes as a self-disproving falsity by his quotation "I think, therefore I am" (Descartes, p.24). Lastly, Pascal too concurs with this notion because he states "We must be able to doubt where necessary, to have assurance where necessary, by submitting where necessary. He who does not act thus does not understand the force of reason" (Pascal, p.93). This reason - your sense of what will bring about happiness (Pascal, p.31) - being persuaded by dogmatism, scepticism, and blind faith. Pascal describes scepticism as a "doubting everything for lack of knowing where one must submit" (Pascal, p. 93) - a statement in accord with Montaigne and Pascal. Dogmatism is described as a "certainty that everything is demonstrable" (Pascal, p.93). This is an unacceptable belief, however, because it reduces the infinitude of the universe to a finite explanation. Lastly, blind faith is described as "submitting in all things, for lack of knowing where one must use his own judgement" (Pascal, p.93). In other words, blind faith means believing what others tell you without considering what you feel is right. In fact, there is no explanation someone could give of God or truth because these are both infinite terms, and when infinite terms are expressed in the finite, they become nothingness (Pascal, p.86). Truth - when it is omnipresent - is God, which is, in turn, happiness. All three philosophers state the same thesis but simply give reference to differing elements of life that confuse the truth. In truth, and through reason, one cannot be contradictory or wrong because reason dictates happiness; the heart tells us happiness is God; and correspondingly, God is truth.

In truth, one cannot accept faith without doubt; that would be dogmatism and dogmatism is refuted by the reason (Pascal, p.68). We cannot know everything literally simply because this task is merely an attempt to fill an infinite abyss with finite information (Pascal, p.64). True omniscience is the awareness that infinitude cannot be satiated by finite means (Pascal, p.64). What then, is capable of filling this infinite abyss? Something infinite and immutable: God, or one in the same: truth (Pascal, p.64). The reason cannot determine what will fill this void, however, because "if there is a God, he is infinitely incomprehensible since, having neither parts nor limits, he is totally unlike us" (Pascal, p.87). It is only the heart that can feel that it is God who fills this void; however, the heart will be discussed later. Montaigne coincides with the concept of...

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