Graduation Speech: Are We There Yet?

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Are we there yet? I have asked this question many times on road trips, only to hear the answer, "It's only one more mile, I promise." Of course, our destination was never just one more mile. It seemed as though we would never reach our destination. The one idea I neglected by asking the question, "Are we there yet?" is the notion that it's not the destination that is important, but the journey itself.

We are part of a journey that has been progressing since the beginning of time. However, we as a society always seem to be looking past the present to some climactic end -- the finish line, the future, when in reality, there is no finish line. Society always looks to the future for the answers to today's problems, believing that the future holds something exciting that the present lacks. This is not the way we should be thinking! We should be asking ourselves, "What finish line are we hoping to arrive to?" Or better yet, "Do we want to arrive at a finish line at all?"

Seriously, did we ever hope for Cameron McLaughlin to reach the end of his experimentation with his clothes? I myself enjoyed watching the metamorphosis of Cameron, from him wearing a bath robe and fishnet pantyhose to school his freshmen year, to him donning a much more conservative look of hot orange biking shorts his senior year. I don't think we ever wanted to see him stop experimenting and reach a point where he wore the same thing as everyone else. If this finish line that I'm talking about is a time in the future when we have discovered all there is to be discovered, have learned all there is to be learned, or in Cameron's case, stopped trying different styles and genders of clothes, then I sincerely...

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