How False Advertsing From Tobacco Companies Compares To Falsified Stories Written By Stephen Glass

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Once there was a headstrong young journalist who thought he could outsmart anyone as if he was flawless. Society saw him as an epic journalist, a rising young storyteller, and most of all an influential leader. Sadly, Stephen Glass's cover up soon came to a downfall. It was almost as if this well-known writer was secretly another person, and shockingly no one knew about his split personality. Glass was known to sit for hours at his desk destroying his pen on the paper in front of him. He, without a doubt, was a pathological liar with an extremely bizarre malady. Maybe the young writer should have been a novelist instead, because he was known to write vivid stories. Some of the narratives were about blackmailing software giants, and various articles written on Monica Lewinsky made him a prominent figure in the media. Eventually, back in 1998, he was convicted of fraudulent plagiarism including deceptive information in almost twenty seven articles that he wrote. Considering they were all works of bigotry, clearly, this distraught individual must have created a kind of chemic al imbalance in the public's mind, just as tobacco companies are doing to their smokers today. Just as Glass's folly deceived the public, tobacco companies are worldwide abominable.

Furthermore, Just as in the Glass scandal, where the public was deceived by fake and fraud news stories, today's tobacco industry misleads people into buying their products. The tobacco industry misleads people in a way that can leave them incompetent and helpless. The tobacco industry misinforms consumers and leads them to believe that cigarettes are pathway to cultural assimilation. The profit-growing nicotine industry emphasizes cigarette smoking to be commonly known as sexy, glamorous, fabulous or "hot." Their marketing strategy is targeted and focused on a specific group of individuals. These individuals are people who suffer from stress, are under heavy peer pressure, want to be popular, or long to follow in the footsteps of those who have a positive image because of their smoking habit. These individuals are persuaded to engage in risky activities such as smoking when tobacco industries post sexy models on bulletin boards or in trendy magazines smoking cigarettes. These advertisements make inhalation look like smoking will eventually lead you to an alluring and exciting life. On September 16th, 1998 a member of the American Cancer Society, Emily Smith, stated, "The ad buy marks an unprecedented $5 million effort by the society to challenge the erroneous information and outright lies the tobacco industry has been feeding the American public. The tobacco companies have already spent, and continue to spend an estimated $50 million + on ads that carry a strong anti-government message and claim that tobacco legislation is just an attempt by politicians to "tax and spend." These misconducts of wrongdoing are not only misleading to the public, but as...

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