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IntroductionInterviewing is an art form of intricate discipline that combines preparation and spontaneity in a potent mix. Like any art form, it is practiced so many different levels, depending on the innate talent, hard work, and creativity of its performers. At its best, what really takes place is an "inter-view"- a mutual process of looking inward (inter means " between"). The success depends on first understanding your own internal views. The more self-awareness you cultivate, the greater the ease and skill you will bring to the interview process. The word interview is derived from the French entrevue/entrevoir, meaning, "to see one another". The tremendous opportunity available to find out about yourself through discovering other people, their ideas, and your responses to them can come from interviewing. Successful interviewing requires a basic foundation, advanced research, negotiating an interview, preparation, and recording.The basic foundation for any interviewer is to be able to communicate and listen. Communication is a learned process that never really stops once we initiate it. Communication is also a complex process among differently programmed individuals using an infinite variety of symbols-language being only one kind of symbol. To communicate successfully in the interview setting, both parties must be in a state of readiness, able to share a symbolic system, willing to establish a relationship and atmosphere that facilitates interaction, capable and willing to listen and to engage in appropriate feedback behaviour, and flexible enough to respond sensitively and with good judgment to a wide range of inputs (Beach, 1982). Memorizing lists of principals and reciting them upon demand will not make you a good interviewer.Outline of the interview scheduleMy group consisted in three people; the interviewer, the interviewee and the observer. In our very first interview Abdul wahhab was the interviewer, Chong the interviewee and I was the observer.Chong was qualified in I.T. (International Technology). He is a student in the University of Central Lancashire currently studding Management and Business Information System. He was applying for a I.T. manager job in London.Abdul Wahhab was qualified in Islamic Studies, and he was applying for a teaching vacancy at a Islamic school. Currently he is a university student doing management and Islamic Studies.And finally I was applying for a teacher as well. I am a student at the University of Central Lancashire. Currently studding Management.Evaluation of the interview processPreparing questions is the last step in preparing for the interview. There are various methods of preparing questions, such as writing them out, memorizing, or just thinking about them. The variety of methods each has it own unique characteristics, capabilities, and pitfalls. The interviewer must select the kind of questions and the sequence best suited to his purpose and objectives. Also, the interviewer may involve more...

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Interview Report

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938 words - 4 pages , reliability of the information • Apply the triangulation methods: examine a sole set of information from various perspectives • Test whether the information is consistent Stage 7: Write a report describing the result of the interview • Also demonstrate its impacts on the further performance of your research project • Share the report with relevant parties • Key items needed to be done at each stage  Stage 1: What the needed information is

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1427 words - 6 pages – 32768 and + 32767.Digital media has made many things possible for online interview in today time. That the traditional media or old media can’t do. For example during the traditional media period an the interview must take place only in studio, the interviewee have to travel to talk to the interviewer face to face, the interview was record in magnetic tape, the interview can only be broadcast though cable television , radio and newspaper only

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1046 words - 5 pages witness by “establishing a rapport with the witness, minimizing interruption and distractions caused by the interviewer, and encouraging the witness to report all the details without guessing (Lapaglia, Wilford, Rivard, Chan, and Fisher).” The cognitive interview can also increase the total amount of correct information reported without increasing the amount of errors (Bekerian and Dennett, 1993). “False memories created by suggested

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1213 words - 5 pages stringent selection or interview process in order to ensure only the best candidates work for them (Anderson, Bauer, McCarthy, Slagado, & Truxillo, 2012). Problem Statement It has already been established that only the best candidates are appointed jobs within a certain organisation upon successfully undergoing the interview. However, this initial notion neglects the underlying element of how applicants perceive themselves during the selection

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828 words - 3 pages December 3,2009, from Experian Information Solutions, Inc. (2005).Why Do Employers Check Your Credit Report? Retrieved December 3,2009, from

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