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John Joseph Gotti, Jr. was born on October 27, 1940. He was the fifth child of eleven children. His parents were John J. Gotti Sr. and Fannie Gotti. John Gotti's father was believed to be a hardworking immigrant from the Neapolitan section of Italy, though Gotti would later describe his father as a New Jersey native who has never set foot in Italy and never worked a day in his life to provide for the family. The Gotti family grew up in the slums of the South Bronx. Although Gotti denies it, his father worked hard to move them out of the poor neighborhoods. John J. Gotti Sr., after much perseverance, later moved his family to the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. However, after living in Sheepshead Bay for about a year, the Gotti family again moved, and relocated to East New York - an area of Brooklyn where they made permanent residence.

John Gotti Jr. was also known as "Johnny Boy" on the streets. He was extremely violent at an early age and his anger and short temper flared at anyone who had a better life than him. Instead of wanting to become a doctor or business man to achieve a better life for himself and his family, his goal was to become one of the wiseguys, who he would see regularly on the Brooklyn street corners. By the time Gotti was twelve, he and his brothers Peter and Richard, became involved in illegal street activities for the local mobsters. The brothers eventually became part of a gang that started running errands for these wiseguys. Gotti acquired his "street smarts" as he worked for the wiseguys but neglected his school duties. When he was in school, his reputation as the school bully preceded him. He had many discipline problems that resulted in teachers showing no concern for his continual absences. Gotti was deemed a problem child, and considered a distraction in the classroom.

Gotti eventually quit school at the age of sixteen and joined the Fulton-Rockaway Boys - a teenage gang named after an intersection in Brooklyn. Gotti became the leader of the gang, but unlike other gangs, was not concerned about territory. His gang was mostly into higher levels of criminality that dealt with fencing stolen goods, stealing automobiles and rolled drunks. While a member of the Fulton-Rockaway Boys, he was arrested five times however all his charges were reduced to probationary sentences. Later in life, Gotti marries Victoria DiGorgio. However marriage does not slow down John Gotti Jr. On a yearly basis, John Gotti committed crimes and was convicted of them. Several of the crimes ranged from grand larceny, hijacking, and murder. Though Gotti was convicted for several of the crimes, he proved to be a model inmate and was released on good behavior. In 1980, John Gotti tragically loses his son Frank when his bike was hit by their neighbors' car. Later, the neighbor was forced to move because of the constant retaliation from the Gotti family and friends.

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