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The rise of Kim Campbell as Canada's first female Prime Minister is considered by many to be that of a phenomenon. Webster's Dictionary describes a phenomenon as being something of significant or rare, either fact or event. This can be shown by the rise of Kim Campbell from a local Vancouver School Board Trustee, to becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Of course, this success was dependent on her ability and ambition to succeed in what is still considered in contemporary terms as being a male dominated area of profession. Politics, especially in Canada and the United States has never been known for its equal availability between men and women, and only in recent times has seen growth in the number of women who are elected and participate in the democratic process. While other women in the past have made strides to provide equality between men and women, Kim Campbell is said to have made the biggest stride of all, she achieved many positions that had formerly been male dominated, and in some cases restricted to certain provinces of Canada. Campbell's rise to power can be credited to various factors, but of these factors, her education, her native province, her actions as a cabinet minister and a desire for change are most important. These factors would lead Kim Campbell to rise as Canada's first female Prime Minister. The factors that would ultimately be her demise were stronger than those that had helped her there, the media and internal fighting made it impossible for Campbell to continue as Prime Minister after the 1993 election.

Academically, Kim Campbell was a longtime student of government and politics. She first studied at the University of British Columbia; then moved onwards and upwards to the London School of Economics. Although she had received her Bachelors Degree, all attempts at completing her Masters degree and Doctorate (PHD) had failed. This failure was not due to inability, but instead due to her growing ambition to further her career possibilities. When she was given the opportunity to succeed in a field of interest, she jumped at the chance. Afterwards, she lectured at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Community College in the area of political science. Because she had only received her Bachelor's degree, she was unable to receive tenure, and had to frequently change her places of work, and ultimately became tired of the process. Campbell felt that it was not due to her academics that she did not receive tenure, but instead that it was due to sexism.

In 1980 she entered the world of elected public office as a trustee of the Vancouver School Board, serving as its Chairperson in 1983 and Vice-Chairperson in 1984, while completing her law degree at the University of British Columbia. After an early run for the Social Credit party in the provincial election of 1983 she worked in the office of Premier Bill Bennett before running again and winning in the 1986 provincial election. While a...

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