Let's Not Forget The Importance Of Family

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The Importance of Family

My generation is one who emerged from a society of the eighties and through the nineties that has experienced amazing discoveries of countless measures. Over the last twenty years, we have watched our world evolve into a place decorated for its strengths economically. Many of us in the later years of our childhood became members of a group given the name the latchkey kids. Due to the needs of our economy as well as our home lives, both parents found it important to become members of the working class.

The American culture of the United States puts a very large emphasis on a person’s sense of individuality. We are told from the time that we are born that we can be whatever we want to be and to set our goals high. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers are some of the common careers that a young child chooses. They set a path for them to achieve this, and along the way may make sacrifices for this choice of career. They want only the best for themselves and would never dream of selling themselves sort. This very idea of self-sacrifice has sparked a curiosity in my own mind. When you ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, you expect them to reply with an answer such as a doctor. What if that child said that they just want to be a mommy or a daddy? Do you think that the general feeling for this response would be a positive one?

I have often wondered if due to the high emphasis on careers in our society, do people, or more specifically, my generation still consider having a family as important to their future? Or does their future only include their career? I, for instance, am a person of more personal than economic goals. I wanted to see if there is a parallel within my generation between careers and family. My findings, as you will see in this paper, have proven that there is not a direct parallel. Through the use of survey’s, an interview, and personal history, I researched the values of my generation to find that with the strong emphasis on careers in our society, college students are likely to not value having children to a great degree any more.

Survey’s are a useful tool in research because they give the public being surveyed the ability to be completely honest when it is an anonymous survey. My surveys that I distributed were anonymous so that I would acquire what I feel to be the most truthful data. I constructed a survey of five questions that I submitted to 10 random people. My survey consists of five females and five males. I chose to have equal amounts of both genders so I can compare the answers due to gender as well as other topics such as college majors. Once my surveys were complete, I analyzed my data. Prior to my research, I made a guess that a person’s major may have an influence on their choice to have a family. Once I examined my data, I found that a person’s major really had no influence at all. People from...

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