Liberalism Vs. Conservatism And Libertarianism Essay

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In America, there are three major civic stances: conservatism, liberalism, and libertarianism. The liberal stance is the only stance, which offers the foundation to move forward. The following paper will briefly explain, certain aspects of conservatism and libertarianism, and will advance the idea, America must move forward with a more liberal attitude. At heart, this writing will argue a strong government is of the utmost importance in moving this country forward to the future. While other political agendas advocate liberty and freedom, the liberal stance truly offers a realistic approach and method of achieving those aspects of American life.

Essentially, liberalism is a political philosophy that stresses individual liberty, freedom and equality of opportunity. The liberal feels more faith should be placed in progress and they prefer to look forward to the future, as opposed to the conservative focus on the past. Accordingly, liberals feel a return to a traditional morality is unrealistic, because this is a morality based on the inequality of women, and the moral values of the 1950?s. Inherently, this is repressive. Liberals believe government should intervene concerning economic affairs to protect its citizens from exploitation by multi-national corporations. One of the key elements of the liberal stance is a government, which should be large and strong enough to protect its people. For example, many social programs such as sex education, social security and health insurance would not exist without big government. Moreover, E.J. Dionne Jr. believes, ?the entire project of freedom going back to America?s founders rests not on weak government, but rather on an energetic government, a government strong enough to protect individual rights? (P.258).

While conservatism imposes morals, it presents the idea that government should have limited intervention in the economic affairs of its own country, and thus believes in a relatively unlimited marketplace. Conservatives also consider it important to regulate individual behavior in order to encourage a return to a certain morality. Along with this conservative morality is an agenda that is against sexual education and birth control. In fact, conservatives believe government is to blame for the increase of the incidence of teenage premarital sex in the last few years.

For liberals, people want changes, they want to be able to express themselves and more than anything else, they want their freedom. Yet, in many ways, conservatism is the barrier to that kind of life. Moreover, is it the governments place to dedicate morality? This is a transgression on the boundary, which is church and state. Sex education is an attempt to educate teens about sexuality in order to help them make better, more pragmatic, and mature decisions regarding their sexuality. Where is the logic in denying that teens need sex education? In addition, the conservative view of the market having more power...

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