Moral Split And Respect Essay

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Moral Split and Respect

We will always find ourselves in “moral split” situations. We struggle to make the right decision and hoping that what we decide would be the correct choice. Sometimes our decisions are strictly depended on the notion of self-filling prophecy while others are for the sake of philanthropy. We are selfish if the chosen actions turn out to be a negative impact on the majority of people; however, the negativity is unforeseeable. If we know ahead of time that our decisions are going to be harmful to others then more likely than not we would have tried to avoid that complication. Then again, life is unpredictable. It is unpredictable just like the Vietnam War. Americans went into the war with culture relativism. They thought the decision to assist in the fighting against communism was the ultimate must. They sent young men blindly into a foreign land and were so positive that it was going to be an ideal outcome. If the Northern Vietnamese was defeated, then it might be a different story; however, the consequences they must face. On the other hand, the Vietnamese had two different perspectives of the war. The Southern Vietnamese believed that the Americans were angels sent from above to rescue them from the communists. The Northern Vietnamese thought that the Americans should mind their own business. We cannot say either views were right or wrong, rather, they were picked from the same moral standards but in different circumstances. The South, America and the North yenned for victory. They made decisions that each one truly believed to be the preeminent; therefore, no sides should be unnecessarily criticized. Similarly to us, they were making the right decisions based on personal valuations of morality. What is right for you is not necessary right for me; therefore, respect is a must.

During the Vietnam War, different people fought for different reasons. The Americans at front wanted to show the world that communism must be contained; however, citizens at home thought differently. The Southern Vietnamese didn’t want to be governed by such leadership. The Northern Vietnamese wanted imperialism because they believed their way of ruling was superlative and superior. These different perspectives are intensively analyzed in many well-written novels and powerful films concerning the Vietnam War throughout the world. With this in mind, the fascinating book that glimpsed at the Vietnam War through a domestic eye is In Country written by Bobbie Ann Mason while the film, Deer Hunter, directed by Michael Cimino provides visual understanding. This domestic eye is from strictly the ones that reside in America; however, we cannot forget the Asian view of this war. With this in mind, The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh, “A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain” by Robert Olen Butler, and the two movies; The Scent of Green Papaya directed by Tran Anh Hung and Three Seasons directed by Tony Bui are the best sources that...

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