Psy 301, Introductory Psychology, 1998, Exam 1

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Psychology 301 – Fall, 1998

Test 1 – Pennebaker

On your Scantron form, be sure and enter your name and Social Security number, including bubbling the corresponding letters and digits. Also, enter the Form Letter in the appropriate location on your answer sheet.

Anna is trying to get directions to a party across town. Who should she ask for directions, and what would those directions be like if she asked that person?

a. Darla; using lots of landmarks

b. Josh; using lots of landmarks

c. Fred; using distances and directions

d. Susan; using distances and directions

e. none of these would work – Anna should take a cab.

Joe Bob has a major fear of pogo sticks (pogophobia). Assuming that this fear is the result of classical conditioning, which of the following would most likely have been the unconditioned stimulus (UCS) for his fear?

a. a pogo stick in his childhood

b. pain

c. being beaten up by the school bully

d. a food with a sweet flavor (for example, ice cream)

e. the awareness of his own death

Your friend Katie hears that you are taking an Intro Psychology course, and asks you for help in keeping her son interested in school. Using what you’ve learned about Instrumental Conditioning, how can Katie reward him for good grades and have him stay interested once she stops paying him?

a. give him $5 for every ‘A’ he gets

b. give him $5 for the occasional ‘A’

c. get him to associate school with homework

d. give him to John Watson to train

e. any of these would work

The Gibsonian approach to perception would say that our ability to recognize the face of an old friend would depend on:

a. the facial recognition cells in the cortex

b. the amount of light that reflects off of the friend's face

c. the situation we are in, the friend's voice, balance information from our inner-ear, visual information from the friend's face and body, and other information we gather from all of our senses

d. our expectations and beliefs

e. episodic memory

An operational definition of proactive interference would be:

a. when old information causes us to forget new information

b. when new information causes us to forget old information

c. number of new vocabulary words you have read aloud but cannot recall in your Introductory French class after first studying vocabulary words you have learned for your advanced Russian exam.

d. the percentage of protons that block visual processing of complex images within the occipital cortex

e. none of the above

Jean catches a quick glimpse of a billboard from a moving car, but quickly forgets the details of it within less than a couple of seconds. This is an example of

a. primacy and recency

b. how stories aid memory

c. sensory memory

d. short-term memory

e. false memory

Remembering how to get to your friend’s place is an example of ________ memory, but remembering the apartment number is an example of __________ memory.


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