Critique Of Article On Adlerian Theory

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Johnson, Patrick, Smith, Adina J., Nelson, Mark D. (2003). Predictors of Social Interest in Young Adults. Journal of "Individual Psychology"; Fall2003, Vol. 59 Issue 3, p281, 12p, 1 chart

Alfred Adler's theory on social interest is quite interesting to me. Adler's idea of social interest was that it was the determining factor of our overall psychological health. One who contains high levels of social interest has lower levels of inferiority and is less likely to perform criminal behavior, so said Alder. I find it hard to understand why some people are empathetic towards other humans and why some just are not. So what really makes someone more empathic than the next? The article that I chose investigates this very topic.

The study, "Predictors of Social Interest in Young Adults", looks into three influential factors on the effects of developing social interest, these are, family functioning, birth order, and gender. The researchers took 813 undergraduate students and gave them two tests to compile the necessary data, "The Self-Report Family Inventory Version II" and "The Social Interest Scale." Their results from this data were very interesting. The tests showed that family functioning had a significant effect on social interest. It found that higher levels of family closeness and expressiveness were related to higher levels of social interest. As for gender, women showed a considerably higher rate of social interest than men. Unlike family functioning and gender, birth order seemed to have no correlation.

An area of this study that was lacking was the general overlook of birth order. Although actual birth order may not have any correlation with social interest, it may be more significant to look into roles within the family. Birth order is such an external characteristic, while relationships and personal attributes between siblings is more of an internal characteristic. If the study were to look more into individual...

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