Romeo And Juliet How Is Juliet Portrayed?

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In literature, characters are generally introduced by what the characters say, what is said about them, and who they are surrounded by. Shakespeare introduces his character in such a way.
In Act one Scene two, Juliet is first introduced to the audience, where Paris is asking Capulet for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Capulet describes Juliet as “yet a stranger in the world” who “hath not seen the change of fourteen years”. Capulet sees his daughter as young and innocent. To Capulet, Juliet “is the hopeful lady of my earth” because “earth hath swallow’d all my hopes but she”. These quotes indicate that Capulet cares about Juliet’s well being because he cannot bear losing another one of his children.
Capulet's love for Juliet is indicated when Capulet tells Paris, “woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart, my will to her consent is but a part, and she agreed, within her scope of choice, lies my consent and fair according voice”. This is unusual for fathers of Shakespeare's time. Most fathers arranged for their daughter to marry for either property, alliances, or for a higher social status. In Capulet’s case, he is letting his daughter marry for love, and advising Paris to “woo her”.
In Act one Scene three Juliet first appears in front of the audience, and various quotes and actions suggest her innocence and submissiveness. When Lady Capulet summons Juliet, she immediately replies, “madam, I am here. What is your will?” The fact that she refers to her mother as “madam” shows deep respect and submissiveness. Also, she doesn’t speak very often in this scene. This creates the image of a quiet, obedient girl, who speaks when spoken to.
“ 'yea,' quoth he, 'dost thy fall upon thy face? Thou wilt fall backward when thou has more wit, will thou not, Jule?' and by my holidom, the pretty wretch left crying, and said 'ay!'” The Nurse’s crude and gregarious attitude contrasts with that of Juliet’s. This dissimilarity emphasizes Juliet’s innocence, and contributes to the audience’s perception of Juliet as being innocent. The reference to her early ages also highlights her image as being young, continuing from her...

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