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The number of people dropping out of high school is on the rise. A high school drop out is more likely to be subjected to poverty. The high school drop out will historically be less likely to obtain a high paying job. Many high school dropouts will be less likely to become a productive or beneficial member of society, but will instead create a burden for the community for which he or she is a member.

According to the National Center for Education, in 2001 the dropout rate was approximately, 10.7 percent for people between the ages of 16 to 24. Studies showed that dropout rates were higher for people in the 10th grade, due to the fact that children over the age of 16 were no longer required to stay in school. Upon completion of the `Leaver Survey', many students said the leaving school was a process, no a sudden decision. Over 20 percent of all dropouts interviewed indicated a preference for working over school, as the most important reason for dropping out. Several other reasons were pregnancy, marriage, and boredom. A staggering 30 percent of all high school dropouts had an A or B average, and just 8 percent said that school was `too hard'.

In the 2001 Census the average poverty rate was 31.5 percent of all Americans, of those, 22.3 percent failed to complete high school. The 2001 Census also showed that 25 percent of people without a high school diploma were forced to rely on government assistance to provide food, shelter, and health care, as compared to only 3.3 percent of those with a Bachelors degree of higher. In 1992, a study was conducted to estimate the average cost of dropping out of high school. The average high schools drop out makes approximately 137,000.00 dollars....

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