The Complex Process Of Selecting A Pair Of Shoes

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The Complex Process of Selecting a Pair of Shoes

I plan to prove that the majority of people that invest money into footwear do so because of style. People usually don’t choose a pair of shoes because of comfort, color, or any other means at all. They usually base their decision of purchasing a pair of shoes on style. There are three tools that I will use during this experiment that will help me out. These tools will be comprised of surveys, interviews, and observations. Through survey’s I will have a sheet of paper with approximately eight questions on it. These questions range from the subjects personal preference when it comes to purchasing a pair of shoes. Whether they do it for comfort, style, color, work related, price, or even none of the above at all, to how many pairs of shoes that these individuals currently own. This will give me a general idea of what goes through peoples minds when they purchase a pair of shoes. Then I will use my observation skills. I plan to sit in the mall since it’s the best public place for this experiment, and observe what brand, color, and style of footwear the general public wear. I will more than likely sit in front of Finish Line since they are one of the major footwear sales stores in the country. This will show me exactly what people choose to wear, but won’t tell me why. Since I wouldn’t know why they wear them I plan to interview a couple of volunteers to get their opinion. This plus the rest of my research will give me a good idea of what people choose to wear, and why. I’m going to pick a few individuals from the public that seem to keep “shoes” an important part of their lives. I will ask them the same questions that are on my survey plus a few more that will go into detail about this subject. After completing all of my interviews, surveys, and observations, I will discover just how highly style comes into play when people select the types of footwear that they wear.

Wearing footwear such as boots, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. are very important pieces of clothing in every person’s life. Without them everybody’s feet would hurt very badly, and become extremely sore due to the fact of all the elements that harm them. It’s interesting to me that out of the hundreds, and hundreds of different types of footwear hwy people choose what they do. I used a survey with eight questions on it. I distributed my survey to twenty-eight people. The results were very interesting because there were so many questions on it that it narrowed down the reasons of why people choose their pairs of shoes. I had participants of all ages, gender, and race. I figured that it was the best way to get a wide variety of opinions, through a different variety of people. I also went to the mall, and spent about an hour hanging around the store Finish Line. I sat on the benches and just watched all of the mall shoppers walk by. All I could do was just notice and take notes of what people...

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