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With the hopes that it wouldn't snow, I traveled to Silverton Colorado with my dad in October. My dad and I had six elk tags for the very first rifle season. We pulled our camp trailer down to a nice wooded area about five miles before you get into town. The camp sight was about a quarter mile off of the highway. There were trees all around the camping spot; the only break in the trees was where the road came through.

We set up our camp trailer the day before season started. We had set our alarm for four o'clock the next morning, and we went to bed early.

I woke up the next morning due to the rays of sunlight coming through the windows of the camp trailer. This could not have been right! There was no way it could be light at four o'clock it the morning. I got up and looked at the clock that was to the counter next to my dad on the opposite side of the camp trailer. The clock read seven-thirty.

I woke up my dad and told him that it was already light outside. He jumped out of bed and said we had to go. I went outside and started up the truck while my dad was getting dressed. When I opened the door to the trailer I noticed clear blue skies and a light frost that covered the ground. I jumped in the driver's seat of the 1990 white GMC Sierra, pushed in the clutch, and turned the key. The truck hesitated for about ten seconds and then started. I turned on the defroster and the windshield wipers so we wouldn?t have to scrape the frost.

We jumped in the truck and drove up to the highway. We were on the highway about thirty seconds before we turned off to the place we wanted to go. The place was called "The Brooklands." The road was dirt with spots of snow and ice. After we started driving up the steep road, I noticed that we hit a switchback about every 200 yards or less. The mountain was so steep, if you looked one way you would be looking straight up the hill, and if you looked the other you would be looking straight down.

My dad drove us nearly to the top or the mountain, right about tree line. We parked the truck at the opening of a canyon and geared up. We put on our orange and our fanny packs and grabbed our guns. I was using a Winchester 270 and my dad was using a Savage 7mm.

We started heading into the canyon, staying on the west side. The east side was covered with snow about knee high, with trees scattered within it. The west side was mostly open fields toward the bottom of the canyon, and clumps of trees starting about halfway up.

We were getting tired, so we found a clump of trees where we could rest and keep an eye on the green, dew covered fields around us. After we had rested a while, we decided we would continue to hike deeper into the canyon.

As we were following a well traveled game trail, we came to a spot where we could see the rim of the canyon through the opening in the trees. As we...

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