Two Key Scenes Between Eddie And Marco In A View From The Bridge

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Two Key Scenes Between Eddie and Marco in A View from the Bridge

Examine the dramatic effectiveness of two key scenes between Eddie
and Marco. In the play, the lead character, Eddie Carbone is an

“A View from the Bridge”: Examine the dramatic effectiveness of
two key scenes between Eddie and Marco.

“In the play, the lead character, Eddie Carbone is an Italian
longshoreman working on the New York docks. When his wife’s cousins,
Marco and Rodolfo, seek refuge as illegal immigrants from Sicily,
Eddie agrees to shelter them. Trouble begins when his wife’s niece,
Catherine, is attracted to the glamorous younger brother, Rodolfo.
Eddie’s baffled jealousy culminates in an unforgivable crime against
his family and the Sicilian community.” The playwright, Arthur Miller,
writes about an era and district with which he is very familiar.

The two scenes that I have chosen to analyse for dramatic
effectiveness between Eddie and Marco are:

o The last scene of Act 1, where Eddie attempts to teach Rodolfo to
box and is challenged by Marco to lift the chair.

o The last scene where Eddie refuses to leave the apartment pending
Marco’s arrival.

In the last scene of Act 1 dramatic effectiveness is displayed in a
very strong and powerful way. The effect of this scene is very
dramatic on the audience because before this particular scene takes
place, Eddie’s anger and jealousy has been building up. The audience
is keen to see how Eddie is going to react to the closeness of
Catherine and Rodolfo.

When Eddie went to see Alfieri, prior to the final scene of Act 1 he
explained how he felt about Catherine seeing Rodolfo. Eddie made it
very clear that he thinks Rodolfo “ain’t right.” When Alfieri makes it
clear to Eddie that there is nothing he or anybody else can do to stop
Catherine seeing Rodolfo, Eddie becomes very angry. Eddie feels that
Rodolfo is “stealing” Catherine from him and when he realizes that
there is nothing he can do, he has to bottle up his anger. This has a
dramatic effect on the audience because it shows that Eddie is very
angry but has no way of getting rid of his anger, so he may have to
resort to more drastic measures. The audience will be anticipating
Eddie’s next move.

At the beginning of the last scene of Act 1 Eddie returns to the
apartment to find Catherine, Rodolfo, Beatrice and Marco conversing.
The atmosphere is relaxed and Eddie joins the conversation, even
joking. However Eddie then makes a remark about how in Italy “they
paint the oranges to make them look orange…I heard they grow like
green.” Marco isn’t amused and Rodolfo says that only “Lemons are
green.” This makes Eddie look stupid and he becomes enraged. He reacts
by shouting at Rodolfo, “I know lemons are green for Christ’s sake…I
said oranges they paint, I didn’t say nothin’ about lemons.” Although
Eddie does react to what Rodolfo says, Beatrice quickly diverts their
attention by changing the subject. Eddie, Marco...

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