Weaknesses In America Essay

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Weaknesses in America

Over the past few years, America has been tested to the extreme with both acts of terrorism and even natural disasters, killing thousands of people and revealing America's weaknesses. No American citizen ever thought that this great and powerful country could be so unprepared and vulnerable, but as everyone looked in shock at the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, one question came to most people's minds: Are we safe in the country we call home? The days went by and no one ever forgot those horrible pictures of 9/11 until a different, but just as devastating, event occurred; her name was Katrina. Hurricane Katrina ravished through New Orleans and Mississippi, leaving hundreds dead, millions without homes, and the whole city of New Orleans under water. These two catastrophes left all of America wondering, where was our government? Why couldn't they have detected the planes earlier, before they slammed into those buildings? Why couldn't all those poor people in Louisiana and Mississippi been evacuated before the storm hit? These two disasters pointed America's weaknesses in the Government and even in our homeland defense. When it comes down to it, America needs to improve it's government decisions in the event of a disaster and it's public safety and health so we won't expose our weaknesses to terrorists or any other Al-Qaeda members who would hurt our great nation or it's people.

The American Government has been tested in some of the toughest extremes, whether it was the Civil War, World War I, World War II or even some of the most horrific natural disasters thought to man. But in this 21st Century, America was attacked in the heart of its homeland by an outside force, something never before seen, leaving the U.S. government totally shocked and defenseless. Our great government has failed this test against terrorism and nature because of its lack of action. The attacks of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina could not have been prevented, but if our government would have acted in either using its "high tech" equipment to locate the planes or just common sense to evacuate people in the south before the storm, then many American lives could have been saved and many families would still have their loved ones. All the blame should not be on just the Federal government but on both the Federal and the State government. As American citizens, we must realize that the Federal government cannot keep an eye on everything going on, and that is where the State governments come in. The State government's of Louisiana and Mississippi should have taken charge and helped their citizens out by loading buses and taking them north, a lot like what Texas did in preparation of Hurricane Rita. Instead in Louisiana, hundreds of city buses that could have been used to ship out stranded people were left to be flooded by the rising waters ("The Shaming of America"). But the Federal government is still not excused. Our U.S....

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