With Close Reference Search For My Tongue Written By Sujata Bhatt, And

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With close reference Search for my tongue written by Sujata Bhatt, and
Still I rise by Maya Angelou both explore the effective

With close reference “Search for my tongue” written by Sujata Bhatt,
and “Still I rise” by Maya Angelou both explore the effectiveness of
their celebration of culture and traditions.

The two poems are about both poets reflecting upon how important it
is to keep in touch with cultures and traditions, to be proud of who
you are and where you come from.

“Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, a confident defiant woman with lots of
personality, pumps her sassiness into the poem to do nothing but
inspire and move us. It is an inspiring poem about the poet herself
overcoming great obstacles which her and her family has fought against
all their lives. Her poem is a call to have pride in yourself no
matter what you are, or where you come from. It evokes a feeling of
great human spirit and, you can't but pay attention to the possibility
that it is dedicated to one particular culture or race, the black

Angelou’s strong personality mirrors the way in which she decided to
set the poem out in rhyming verse. It’s strong, yet upbeat bouncy feel
cries to be read out aloud which also reflects her powerful,
independent personality. Her defiance immediately starts to shine from
the first stanza. After all the negativity, “…bitter, twisted lies”,
“…trod me in the very dirt” she will still get up and rise against it
all, not letting anyone control her. From such a negative stanza she
moves on to an energetic tone in stanza three. She uses nature “Just
like moons and like stars” to bring out a buoyant optimistic tone; by
using the certainty of nature she is conveying the message that no one
will break her and she will always be strong. She changes the tone
again, moving back to a slightly depressing tone in stanza four
contrasting it with stanza three. Her constant tone changing echoes
the very way in which we live our lives, we all have ups and downs and
our moods constantly alter. Even though she changes the tone all the
way through the poem she still keeps that light slightly amusing tone

She constantly uses rhetorical questions throughout the poem, “Does my
sexiness offend you?” Not only is she constantly engaging with the
reader but her witty, intelligent questions also show she isn’t
ashamed of herself, she is equal if not better than everyone else. Her
powerful use of repetition adds impact to the poem, as the word “rise”
floats through the determination to rise against discrimination
against her colour gets stronger.

Angelou creates metaphors and uses imagery to reflect upon the sadness
black people have suffered over the many years, “Shoulders falling
down like teardrops”, but she then goes on to use the word
“haughtiness” suggesting she has masses of confidence in herself
showing that she is no longer going to walk around with her head down
and shoulders falling,...

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